AQUALISA QUARTZ Digital Divert concealed with adjustable head and wall fixed drencher

Gravity Pumped, also available in High pressure/ combi

Aqualisa – Quartz Digital Divert Concealed Thermostatic Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed & Adjustable Heads

With its ease of use and reliable, temperature perfect showering, it’s hard to imagine how a Quartz Digital shower could be bettered. But opt for this Quartz with Aqualisa’s clever digital diverter technology and you have another kind of showering experience altogether. A push button allows easy, instant switching between the shower’s wall-fixed, drencher shower head and its versatile, adjustable shower head. It’s simplicity itself and very, very family-friendly.

One touch controls and an LED display that lets you know when your chosen temperature has been reached makes Quartz Digital one of the safest, simplest, yet most indulgent showers available. Just add a remote control for the last word in convenience – and make getting splashed with cold water or guessing your shower’s temperature a thing of the past.


  • Thermostatically controlled showering
  • Switch between 105mm, adjustable shower head and 250mm wall-fixed, drencher shower head at the touch of a button
  • Push button, one touch controls
  • LED display indicates when water has reached pre-set temperature
  • Comes complete with a drencher shower head and an adjustable, shower head
  • 400mm arm on drencher head allows compatibility with majority of shower enclosures
  • Adjustable shower head has 4 spray patterns, including a water saving eco-spray
  • Choice of flow rates that can be selected during installation
  • Compatible with wireless and wired remote controls
  • On installation, you can select the shower outlet you want to start first every time
  • Activate eco-mode on shower’s processor during installation to reduce flow and make water go up to 33% further


was: £1194.00
now: £989.00

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