Mira Elite QT

Available in 10.8kw and 9.8kw.

Quietly powerful. The quietest shower of its kind, without any loss of power, and ideal for low water pressure systems and designed for Ireland’s water supply. Plus with the clever Mira Clean-flo filter, its powerful performance is easy to maintain- perfect for those living in hard water areas.


  • The integrated pump provides a strong and consistent flow- suitable for a low pressure water supply.
  • 75% quieter than any other shower of its kind, without any loss of power.
  • The Mira Clean-flo filter is designed to be accessible, easy to clean and to maintain shower performance.
  • An on/off button for ease of use, plus separate flow and temperature controls. Shower on demand.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Tank fed.



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